The 37th annual Croatian Canadian Folklore Festival West is hosted by
Hrvatski Vitezovi
in Vancouver, BC
May 16-18 2014.


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Croatian Knights folk dance ensemble is under the auspices of the United Croats of Canada, "King Tomislav" branch. The Kolo group was formed under King Tomislav in 1958 and in 1977 adopted the name Hrvatski Vitezovi.  Our 4 group family grows tremendously as the years progress, consisting of close to 100 members ranging in ages from 5- Mike Prpic (old). The Croatian Knights folkdance ensemble promotes and demonstrates Croatian Culture through traditional song and dance and participates at both Croatian and other multicultural events. 

During the 2013/14 dance year, the group has demonstrated extensive involvement in the Croatian community within Canada and across boarders, taking part in dance festivals in both Los Angeles and Edmonton, assisted in facilitating the annual Halloween children’s carnival, and hosted multiple celebratory group parties.  One of the annual highlights is our tree decorating/Christmas party that’s looked forward to by all and is the start of the Christmas festivities at the Croatian Cultural Centre.  Hrvatski Vitezovi has acknowledged the importance of getting members involved in the community at all ages as making connections with Hrvati all around the world is paramount in keeping our beautiful and rich culture alive. It is with great excitement and honor to be hosting the 37th annual Croatian Canadian Folklore Festival taking place this May.  Stay tuned to see what we’ve been up to and for upcoming events! 


 Hrvatski Vitezovi su pod podkroviteljstvom Ujedinjenih Kanadskih Hrvata, ogranak "Kralj Tomislav". Kolo grupa je osnovana 1958, a 1977 je dobila ime "Hrvatski Vitezovi". Danas grupa ima oko 80 članova, neki od njih su druga i treća generacija plesača. Kolo grupa njeguje i sa ponosom predstavlja Hrvatsku kulturu kroz pjesmu i ples, ne samo u hrvatskoj zajednici nego i na različitim međunarodnim festivalima.


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